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Meaningful Menus

Creating a family culture centered around poetry and singing is as simple as pulling out a menu and enjoying it together.

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I absolutely love the Meaningful Preschool Menu. It’s perfect for my 2, 4.5 and 5.5 year olds. Rich with truths and solid lessons perfect for any age.

Brittany L.

These are absolutely lovely and I am so happy to have added them to our homeschool curriculum this year! No more searching for the perfect morning time activities or readings because this is it! 

Kristen W.

My children (13,11 & 7) and I have been using Meaningful Menus for about 5 months. We are beyond pleased with how they bring us together to enjoy Beauty Subjects to start our day. I highly recommend these to everyone!

Amber C.

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How do you use Meaningful Menus?

Meaningful Menus make it easy to learn poetry and songs with your children. The following recommendations are based on Charlotte Mason's philosophy of education. If you use a different philosophy, feel free to apply it to our selections! The ideas below are merely suggestions.


Affirmations are incredibly empowering. Read it together and your family will end up memorizing it over time.


Memorizing scripture is a beautiful way to truly have the word "written on your heart." Read the passage included a section at a time until it's memorized.


Charlotte Mason argued that children should be taught how to read beautifully and with good inflection. Read the poems with your children, not requiring memorization. Just enjoy them together! After reading the same poem for a few weeks, you will probably memorize it along the way. 


Charlotte Mason strongly emphasized the importance of reading Shakespeare to children. This can be intimidating if you aren't used to reading his works, though, which is why we've included a Shakespeare section in our menus. We intentionally choose selections with easy to understand language that won't go over your kids' heads so that you can simply enjoy it together.


The goal of singing songs together is just that, to sing! When first learning a song or hymn, spend the first week or so listening to a recorded version of it (you can find links to recordings in the product descriptions on the shop page!). After hearing it several times, spend some time singing with the recording, and eventually you'll know it well enough to sing it on your own. 

Don't let your inability to sing keep you from enjoying songs with your kids! Some families might choose to always sing with the recording, and that's just fine. Make it work for you!

Meaningful Menus make it easy to come together as a family.